Rules and Etiquette

1. Out of Bounds

    #1 – left side of fairway (past the driving range) and cemetery fence
    #17 – left side of fairway (property boundary markers)
    #18 – left side of fairway (road and ditch), maintenance area and parking lot

[link to course layout]

2. Local rule: Ball in Driving Range – point of entry, two clublength drop not nearer the hole, one stroke penalty. Players may NOT play shots from inside the boundaries of the Driving Range.

3. Slow players must let faster players play through.  The rule of thumb is “keep up with the group in front of you”, not “stay ahead of the group behind you”. Our preferred pace of play is 2:15 for 9 holes and 4:30 for 18 holes.

4. Only liquor purchased from the club may be consumed on course.

5. Power carts must stay on cart paths where available: 90 degree rule in effect.

6. No player shall play until the players in front are out of range.

7. Maximum of 5 minutes to search for lost balls. Allow players behind to play through while looking.

8. Through the green, a player should make sure that any turf cut or displaced by that player is replaced at once and pressed down and any damage to the putting green made by the ball or player is repaired carefully.

9. Power carts must stay at least 30 feet from the greens and tee boxes.

10. Range balls are not allowed on the course.

11. Proper attire required. Check with the club house if you are unsure.

12. Soft spikes only on the golf course.